Project Description

I adore making lampshades using  Ikat fabrics.  The fabric is traditionally made by a process known as resist dying.  Bundles of yarns are binded together, and dyed into a beautiful designed ,  the bundles are then changed into another design and another colour way,  this process continues several times to make a multi-coloured pattern. The weaver then lines up the dyed yarns to create the desired design and weaves to the pattern that develops in to the finished fabric.

I have made by hand these gorgeous   lampshades; they are hand gathered to binded frames. These lampshades make stunning statement pieces for any of your rooms.

The outer fabric is soft hand gathered individually chosen in a beautiful Ikat fabric made in Indonesia in a mix of silk and cotton. The lining is a sumptuous silk to compliment the amazing colour combination. I make the Ikats’ in the Empire style  lampshades using any size that is required